Programmatic advertising in cinemas

The Wolrd’s 1st programmatic advertising platform for cinemas

The advertiser platform

With direct access to the platform the advertiser or agency can define the programmatic cinema campaign and upload the ad content. The ad content is then distributed to the cinemas and streamed to each screen with an audience matching the campaign target. Tracking of the campaign is available in the advertiser platform where all placements for each cinema hall are registered LIVE to display the campaign progress.

HOW - 3 steps

1. Campaign target: Advertisers define campaign target 2. Audience profile: Cinemataztic estimate audience profile 3. Inventory match-up: Cinemataztic match inventory with campaign target and play ad


WHY - 3 reasons

1. Increase access and flexibility Cinemataztic’s self-serve ad buying platform makes transacting digital cinema advertising accessible to every brand and agency. 2. Improve ad targeting Based on user profiles from people playing the CineGame, Cinemataztic’s audience model estimate the profile of the cinema audience in real time using artificial Intelligence. The profiling of the cinema audience enables ad targeting against segments that have never before been available to advertisers. 3. Low funnel engagement When a programmatic ad runs during the preshow, the advertiser have the opportunity to distribute samples during the ad to all users with the CineGame app, thus delivering low funnel engagement and action as the users redeem their physical sample or online voucher.

It sounds complicated – and it is…

How it works? In order to do programmatic advertiser against an audience you need to know audience size and profile. Size - Most cinemas have ticket sales online and know exactly how many tickets are sold at each show. The ticket data is available through APIs from the ticketing system of each cinema. Profile – Very few cinemas know exactly who is in the audience – but Cinemataztic’s audience model deliver probabilities for each target segment based on extrapolation of the user sample provided by the CineGame players.

Profiling the audience

10-15% of all cinema visitors play the CineGame in cinemas where the platform is available in addition to the regular preshow. The users are profiled in the CineGame app – both in the sign-up process and via in-app pop-up survey.

The audience model

The sample from the LIVE CineGame audience is biased against the younger audience, but the sample is weighted to become representative of the cinema audience. The weighted sample data is then combined with global audience data and cinema data and by using Bayesian network modelling (AI) probabilities for the occurrence of each segment is estimated for each audience in real time.