How to order a game

it's easy as 1 2 3

We've made it easy to book a new game

Our order and approval flow ensure a fast production time with high production value


A brand new game: 4-5 weeks A reskin of an existing game: 2 -3 weeks A rerun of an existing game: 1 week


Booking a game is easy. You complete our online order form. You can go into detail with your wishes or you can ask us to come up with both game idea and design. You decide

The design process is on

2-4 days after we receive your brief you will receive a link to an Invision board. On this you can see our layouts for your game and come with corrections, additions and make sure the game stays the way you want.


We can make a game from scratch without any material from the customer or we can implement existing graphics elements, films, 3D animations, music etc.


After 4-5 weeks the game is finished, tested and ready to go live