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Red Rooster

Built on the classic game "Simon". Four food items are positioned as in an X. Each of them are able to highlight (they grow in size and a fitting sound effect/tone is associated). They highlight in a short random sequence. All players must use their phone (with similar item-buttons) to repeat the sequence. New sequences are played, each time adding to the end, making it increasingly challenging to remember it. Players making it to the end earn the most points. We go through a few rounds with each round winner celebrated on the screen. At the end the final winner is shown and the prize is awarded.


Receive orders from customers in your KFC resturant. 1-3 customers enters into the restaurant at a time, it's your job to serve them as well as possible

Hungry Jacks

Move around the maze and collect as many burgers, fries and sodas as you can, but watch out for the ghosts



Danske Bank


The Wingman Game


All players race towards ONEPLUS. Avoid moving obstacles, jump ramps and choose route wisely.



Dette er ikke et grafisk oplæg!


Saml strømsymboler og undgå forhindringer

The Runner Game

Garmin or Boozt

Danske Spil Pitch

Word hunt Christmas Game Bingo Euro Jackpot