Manage your CinemaTaztic platform

Get valuable insights into your CinemaTaztic campaigns from one centralized dashboard.

The dashboard gives you everything you need to stay in sync, entertain your audience, and reach your goals.

How many games are being played? How many participants? Which cinemas have the most players?

Get in touch with your users when there are new games or other stuff in your app - or just give them a great deal on an experience at your cinema

Use our Dashboard to send messages to all your users. You can send text messages, pictures and even gifts that can be redeemed through the app.

Get to know your users and help them if they need support

Get a quick overview of who your users are for customizing content. Offer support and assistance through our support center.

With our profanity filter you can control everything that is written on the cinema screen

Quick overview of prohibited words. Easy to add new banned words.