The preshow hasn`t changed for years…

…but the audience has!

Why add the CineGame to the preshow?

The younger audience rather interact than sit back and watch. They are the mobile-first generation and they are ready to engage!

The audience love it!

10-15% of the cinema audience download the CineGame app and play along. This makes the CineGame the best performing digital media in the World when comparing the performance on converting a user from exposure to engagement.

Higher advertising effect

Independent studies of cinema advertising show that the CineGame is 5x more effective measured on ad-recognition compared to a normal 30 sec. spot.

Increase ad revenue

On mature markets the CineGame has delivered 8-10% top-line growth on national ad revenues and it does so without just adding to an already long preshow. In fact 78% of the audience do not even think of the CineGame as an ad, as the CineGame has become part of the cinema experience.

Boost concession revenue

All winners of a CineGame will receive a prize – sometimes the prize is collected at a distribution point outside the cinema, but most often the prize is collected in the cinema concession. The prizes are sponsored by the advertiser of the CineGame and can be a popcorn, a soda or something else. 20-25% of all prizes are redeemed which boost concession sales while also being a strong incentive for the user to return to the cinema before the prize expires.

How to get the CineGame in your preshow?

No cinemas are the same – and the Cinemataztic platform allow you to place the CineGame whereever you see fit. It can be before the regular preshow starts – as it is done in cinemas in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Baltics. It can be a combination of starting before the announce start-time and in the beginning of the preshow – as it is done in Germany. Or it can be done as part of the ad-reel (DCP) -as it is done in Australia and UAE.

Less than 30 minutes

We deliver a plug & play solution configured to the specifics of each screen - all we need is a HDMI access to the screen-server and an internet connection. The installation of each screen takes less than 30 minutes – and you are ready to go!

Less than 3 weeks

In order for the audience to play they need to download the CineGame app. The app is adapted to local language and the features set to embrace local conditions and customs. The app can also be set with a bi-language option.

The Set up

Our promise: 3 weeks & you are ready to go!

From the time you say ‘GO’ until the first CineGame is up and running on your cinema screen. Book a LIVE demo at your cinema - all we need is a little information.